Sims 4 Me - Bienchens Mods
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2023-08-08 preview image

Makes the effects of NAPs much more subtle. Deactivates stealing during sharing is caring as well as wearing bags.
Each NAP has its own mod package.

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2022-09-04 preview image

Enables the enact venue policy cheat to work without your Sims having to live in the same neighbourhood.

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2022-09-02 preview image

Enhances the changes of successfully dealing with roaches and flies so you can now actually use the cool Recylcle lot trait that brought these features back.

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2021-07-24 preview image

Eco footprint chang├╝es will take twice as long with this mod.

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2021-07-16 preview image

Unfortunately, the eco sunrays and aurora borealis are completly broken at the moment and cause severe lag. That's why I finally decided to completely disable those effects.
I'm well aware that there is already a similar mod available on MTS, but as this one marks uploaded lots in the galery as using CC, I decided to share my own version which does not have this flaw.

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2020-12-29 preview image

Sims can now also buy candle dye and wax on Community Lots.

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