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2024-04-14 preview image

Reduces the dull and ever repeating text messages on your pinboard received after helping someone fix a bad relationships.

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2024-04-14 preview image

Sims with at least level 3 in parenting can examine and cure sick Sims (teen and older).

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2023-12-06 preview image

When your Sims are standing in front of the sink* in the morning, they might notice something odd: pimples! Teenagers (and on rare occasions older Sims as well) can get pimples with this mod. They are assigned a hidden moodlet which will last for a maximum of 24 hours. The time can be reduced if you do anti-stress activities (like yoga, shower). Sims will get pimples randomly, and based on their traits they will either be less ore more prone to get pimples. Some Sims might even suffer from severe acne, while Sims with the reward trait "great kisser" will never get acne, so buy this reward trait if you want to spare some Sims.
Also based on their traits (and some randomness), Sims will get a 2 hour lasting embarrassed moodlet when they notice the pimples. Other Sims will not be affected by pimples that much.
Your Sims can get rid of their pimples by taking medicine, herbal remedies (deodorant) or a cup of green tea resp. Lemon Honey Ginger tea. Their parents might also chose to share detoxation secrets with them or help them to relax (the latter interaction will only remove the embarassed moodlet, though). Gussy up at the mirror might also help if your Sim is lucky.
Sims who are relaxed and well kept will not get pimples. So share relaxing techniques will also help your Sims to provide for not getting pimples.
*I linked the moodlets of this mod to the wash hands interaction, so this mod will be incompatible with "nowashhands"-mods. It will also not work if you are cheating to keep your SimsĀ“ motives permanently high.

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2022-07-18 preview image

Minestrone requires level 5 of parenting skill and cures your Sims from illness or pimples.
Required: Dine Out and Parenthood.

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2021-09-16 preview image

Fixes the bug that childhood phases are not ended, but the trait persists until aging up to yound adult.

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2021-08-03 preview image

Adds a chance that children and teens will get teeth gaps, missing teeth or bracelets for a while.

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2021-01-17 preview image

Reduces the +50 embarrassed moodlet for teen mood swings to +5, so your Sims won't die from beeing a teenager.
Note: If you use my pimplesmod, don't install this mod because this feature is already included in my pimplesmod.

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2020-03-04 preview image

Kids in the clingy childhood phase will not get stressed from being near brothers, sisters, grandparents or close friends.

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