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2024-06-22 preview image

Working hard at work will increas your Sims fame a bit.
With version 1 Sims will gain just a little fame to avoid a loss of the current star level while at work whereas version 2 is a bit more cheaty, It will give a more significant fame boost.
Choosing the slack off option at school will earn your pupils some fame (separte slackoffearnsfame package).

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2024-03-02 preview image

Tunes down the reaction to celebs a bit. Especially DJs will no longer constantly forget about their task. When a star starts posing, they will still cheer a bit, but will go back on duty quickly. Sims who are at lest good friends or closely related to a star, will react less like fans.

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2024-02-25 preview image

With this mod, celebrities will no longer invade all lots in your neighbourhoods. The mod also reduces the generation of new townies significantly. The only Sims that will be generated are those with special traits or careers required. The mod comes with several modules so you can temporarily get rid of modules if you feel you need more Sims of a certain kind.
Only install one version of the unimportantsims package. Please also make sure you only use on of the pet related packages: either nonewpetstrays or nohiddenpetstrays.

townieoverhaul_lessfame: Main file. The other modules can be used without this if you wish.
townieoverhaul_lessfame_ecoinspectorgreenfiend: Stops generation of eco inspectors and fills this role with any existing Sims with the green fiend trait.
townieoverhaul_highschool: The game will fill all high school student roles with existing teenage sims instead of creating new ones. It will prefer filling the roles with teenagers your teenager has a good relationship with. It will also take existing Sims working in the respective careers for career day instead of creating new ones.
townieoverhaul_lessnewdoctorcoworkers: Reduces doctor coworker generation, but only to a point where it does not inflict with gameplay.
townieoverhaul_lessnewislander: No new island locals will be spawned. The game may recruit townies and give them the islander trait, though.
townieoverhaul_lessvetemployers: Reduces vet employee generation, but only to a point where it does not inflict with gameplay.
townieoverhaul_nobear: Stops bear Sims from spawning in Granite Falls and in Bars. The game will only use existing Sims with the bear trait if available.
townieoverhaul_nonewaliens: Stops the game from spawning alien walkby. Sixam and Scientist gameplay remains intact.
townieoverhaul_nonewbarflys: The game will no longer generate new townies as barflys, but will only use existing Sims that meet the requirements.
townieoverhaul_nonewbots: The game will no longer generate any bots, it will still use existing ones, if you have any.
townieoverhaul_nonewcitylivingweirdos: Stops the game from generations so called weirdos in San Myshuno, which will roam the city in the bathrobes, wrestler mask or raccoon costumes. The game will still use existing townies with the weirdo trait, if available.
townieoverhaul_nonewdetectivecoworkers: The game wil give existing Sims the detective career instead of spawning new detective coworkers. The chief detective will still be spawned.
townieoverhaul_nonewforestranger: The forest ranger will no longer be spawned. If you already have one, that Sims will continue to be used.
townieoverhaul_nonewfoxes: Disables new foxes from being spawned, existing foxes will still be used.
townieoverhaul_nonewgardeners: The game will not spawn no more gardeners, but continue to use existing ones.
townieoverhaul_nonewhorsetrainer: The game won't spawn new horse trainers, existing ones will continue to work as expected though.
townieoverhaul_nonewhsteachers: Stops the game from spawning new High School Year teachers. This will also include the judges for the high shool year events, so beware.

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2021-08-06 preview image

Sims will be more likely to sit down during a lounge event, e. g. the starlight event.

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2020-01-08 preview image

Two mods to make the denizenpond less deathly. One excludes sprites and kois from being deathly.
The other one disables potentially deathly interactions from beeing done autonomously. Use separately or in combination.

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2019-05-19 preview image

Sims will gain reputation at a slower rate. Reputation loss remains untouched.

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2019-01-13 preview image

Paparazzis will no longer appear on lots with the no trespassing lot trait.

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2018-11-18 preview image

Disables the highlights around styling objects when working as an actor.

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2018-11-18 preview image

Completely deactives the fame shine.

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