Sims 4 Me - Bienchens Mods
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2024-04-14 preview image

The barista will actually serve tea during the poetry event in case there is a clean (My Wedding Stories) teaset nearby.

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2023-12-02 preview image

Sims will no longer use the soccer ball autonomously.

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2023-12-02 preview image

Your Sims can now contact an investor by phone to come over. They can then ask for a loan. The small loan option will actually charge your Sim with a 20.000 § debt and is thus suitable if you want to have your Sim "pay" for the money the game gave them as a start budget. The large loan option will grant your Sim a loan of 30.000 §. Interest is 15 % on both types of loans. You can have multiple loans at the same time. Payment, RepoMan Appearance and such is the same as with the University student loans.
Requires: Discover University and City Living
Compatibility Notes: Overwrites the ask for loan options your Sim get when they have a high Charisma skill. Existing loans can be paid back despite the mod being installed. Also overwrites the invite Jasmine Holiday phone interaction (if there should ever be another challenge with Jasmine, just take the mod out as long as you wish to participate. Loans will still function if you take the mod out, you just cannot ask for new loans then.

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2023-06-05 preview image

Eure Sims bekommen nicht mehr das gestresste "Nicht genug Training"-Moodlet, wenn sie mit anderen Sims Fuflball spielen.

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2023-04-16 preview image

Roommates will be less likely to flood dorms with meals. They'll also bring medium sized meals and different food dishes (no lobster). There's a second package that reduces the likelihood of roomates leaving garbage everywhere.

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2022-10-01 preview image

If your Sim has the mentor reward trait they will no have all skill teaching interactions available that are normally reserved to Sims in the education career.

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2022-02-26 preview image

With this mod, every Sim that is a child or older can join the soccer team. Please bear in mind that adult Sims are not able to join the soccer team and have a full time job at the same time.
The motives module tweaks the at work actions so the activity will be a bit less stressful.

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2021-08-05 preview image

Sims will no longer play ping pong autonomously on residential lots.

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2021-04-03 preview image

Sims can immediately activate and deactivate utility bots as long as they are placed on the ground.

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2020-12-01 preview image

Robotic parts can now be bought from the computer.

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2020-11-11 preview image

The vendor at the cafeteria will mostly stand still instead of constantly yelling and advertising.

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2020-11-11 preview image

Enables the progress bar when writing a term paper so you can see when your Sims will finish working on their term papers.

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2020-03-20 preview image

Disables the advertising popups for enrollment and scholorships.

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