Sims 4 Me - Bienchens Mods
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2023-10-21 preview image

Determine baby gender is always available (for teen+), not only for Sims in the Doctor Carreer.

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2023-10-21 preview image

Removes the stinky green foam above venue fridges.

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2023-10-21 preview image

Sims can congratulate others on their promotion, brag about their own promotion, talk or complain about work. Sims will get to know the carreer of the target sim if they talk or complain about work.

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2023-08-13 preview image

Tired of former criminals crowding your neighbourhoods without even being able to change them in CAS? With this mod criminals will turn into ghosts after being convicted and thus are left to culling.

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2023-07-02 preview image

Restricts some of the confidence buffs ("I believe in me" and the top notch infant one) to their proper age groups and also shortens part of them a bit.

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2022-10-01 preview image

Replaces the gardening related goals for the scientist career as these cannot be fulfilled anyway since long.

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2022-06-05 preview image

Your Sims can now assign tasks to their retail employees without having to go and talk to them first.

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2022-03-26 preview image

Tweaks the criminal career to make it easier to detect a criminal. The criminal can now be identified by special idle animations he/she performs. Also, no more hidden decoy Sims will be created that lead to false convictions (and afterwards fill your save with unneeded, ugly Sims).
With the filepaperwork module, you can reset a case that is bugged for some reason by doing filepaperwork on the computer.

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2021-08-05 preview image

Sims are getting ill less frequently. After having cured an illness with medicine, they'll be immune for some time.

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2021-07-22 preview image

Coffee will be much stonger if drunk on the Get to Work career lots so that Sims can gain enough energy for their daily tasks.

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2020-12-26 preview image

Patients will sit down while waiting to be checked in. This is a very small and simple mod by disign. If you´re looking for a more in depth-overhaul of the Doctor career, be sure to check out coolspearls Mod over at Naughty Sims Asylum.

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2019-12-22 preview image

Aliens don't get alien mood buffs anymore so they are not exposed anymore by their mood buffs.

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2018-11-14 preview image

Repairs the deliver baby task in the doctor career.

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2018-07-20 preview image

Completely disables alien abductions.

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2017-09-17 preview image

Disables the alien mood glow.

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2017-09-03 preview image

Sims will no longer refill all their needs when giving birth in hospital.

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2017-06-25 preview image

Patients at hospitals will no longer show the ugly blue/red heart above their heads that ruins screenshots.

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