Sims 4 Me - Bienchens Mods
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2024-04-29 preview image

With this mod, your Sims can still sell cats and dogs even though they are no longer kittens/puppies.

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2024-04-14 preview image

Sims will be now able to scold/lecture all pets they have met. Scolding pets will also affect conflict resolution for teens, comforting will affect their empathy.

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2024-02-10 preview image

Dog walkers will show up outside Brindleton Bay.

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2023-10-21 preview image

Gives you back your sanity when playing with cats and dogs. All packages are freely combinable.
nosickrotations - Pets will not be sick when you visit/rotate to another household. They will only get sick on very rare occasions. Sick pets at the vet are unaffected.
nosickfilthystrays - Strays and pets appearing on Community lots will not be sick and filthy.
commodities - Gives more variety as to the motives of your cats and dogs when loading a household.
quirks - Pet fears and obsessions concerning certain objects will no longer be such a nuisance.
pettopet - Pets interact more with each other.
Replaces the following of my mods that will no longer be updated: lessfilthydogwalkers, lessplayedpetsickness
Important note: The mod will only start working after you once cured those pets that the game already had market as being sick before installing the mod.

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2023-08-19 preview image

A small mod which replaces the scouting and leaf playing sims and some others with stray cats and dogs. As a result you will see some stray cats an dogs strolling through all neighbourhoods.

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2023-08-19 preview image

Some of the homeless Sim walkbys in San Myshuno are replaced by stray cats and dogs with this mod

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2022-05-07 preview image

Walking your dog will lead to a slight fat loss for your Sim.

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2022-04-30 preview image

Pets will now be able to try for baby with other pets that aren't in the same household.

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2022-02-25 preview image

Adds an instant refill pet food bowl cheat when you shift click on food bowls. Requires testingcheats enabled for some players.

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2022-02-16 preview image

Cats will be more likely to hunt mice. Also reduces the chances for bad moodlets due to mice for Sims with certain traits and/or if there is a cat in the household to take care of the mice.

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2021-10-03 preview image

Tweaks the brush pet interaction so that it will take longer, but completely fills your pet's hygiene need

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2021-07-31 preview image

Version 1 disables the ghost pets that appear near the light house completely.
Version 2 only stops the generation of new ghost strays on the lighthouse lot. If you already have ghost strays, they will still show up to haunt the place.

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2021-07-03 preview image

Sims can buy pet treats from their computers (in the medicine sub menu) with this mod.

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2021-05-21 preview image

Sims can now not only call household pets to meal, but also other nearby pets they have met.

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2021-03-31 preview image

Tweaks the star rating at the vet clinic so you will be actually able to achieve five stars with a decent skilled vet.

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2021-01-16 preview image

Pets will no longer get in heat.

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2020-02-10 preview image

Sims will no longer autonomously choose to be rude towards cats and dogs just because they don't have to cat/dog lover traits. Only mean Sims will remain rude towards pets they don't know.

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2019-12-28 preview image

Reduces the time stays walkbys will stay in a neighbourhood before leaving from 6 hours two 2 hours.

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2019-12-10 preview image

Outburstt’s vet clinic mods are no longer available, so I have been asked to update them. There are three: Customers always give five stars, customers wait forever and very statisfied vet clinik employees with unlimited working time.

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2019-01-26 preview image

A fix for the bug that pets that ate the wellness-treat or got a preventative shot get an anxious moodlet over and over agein. Pets that already show that bug can be cured by another wellness-treat or a preventative shot. Wellness-Treats and prevantative shots will also be more effectvie.

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2017-11-21 preview image

Removes the glow from pet eyes.

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2017-11-12 preview image

Deletes the orange higlights around the vet podium when you visit the vet.

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