Sims 4 Me - Bienchens Mods
How can I see whether all of your mods are good with a patch/new Pack?
I know that other creators have enough free time at their hands to post that all their mods are good with or updated for the newest Pack or patch within just a couple of days. While I cannot offer such a service with the hundreds of mods I tend to all on my own, rest assured that I do always test and update mods as quickly as possible.
I'm the breadwinner for my family of 5, since my husband is no longer able to work full time after he retired from being a soldier. I currently work until 9 or 10 pm each day except for weekends, which are then mainly reserved for my family.
I was actually pondering to fully retire from modding after my last host told me she would no longer be able to host my mods, but I couldn't let down all the people using my mods to make their games more enjoyable. So while there will be fewer updates for the time being, I will do my best to keep all mods updated.
If a mod consists of several packages, must I install them all?
No, you can pick what you like. There are some mods that require a basic modul or main file, but that is then written in the file name and/or the mod description.
Must I remove parts of a mod for Packs that I do not own?
Yes, I strongly suggest you do. Otherwise you will be plagues with blank text strings and Last Exception errors.
Do your mods need to be translated into other languages?
Actually they don't. All my mods are designed in a way that they use existing text strings from the game. That way they are automatically in your native language.
The downside is that if you don't have all the Packs, you might get some blank texts. Some of my mods to take this into account in that I offer the package with the buffs separately. If you experience blank text messages or simply aren't fond of too many moodlets, simply make sure to delete the packages which have "buffs" or sometimes "textmessages" at the end of the filename (for example: deathofsimreactiontweak_(more)buffs, romancematters_ParenthoodGP_textmessages.
What does the red cross on some of your mod pictures mean? Are these mods save to download?
You can safely download these mods, they are neither broken, nor outdated nor a risk. At first, I was using the red cross to show that a mod disables the interaction shown on the screenshot, but as people got confused by the red cross, I have made new previews for most of my mods during the last couple of months.
Do you take requests?
While I've always been eager to fulfill other Simmers mod wishes, I'm afraid I can no longer offer doing mod requests.
Why do you no longer have a comments page?
I feel truely sorry that I had to get rid of the comments section, but I simply found that I have no longer any time left to look at what you wrote and answer your wonderful comments. You can still contact me via PM at the official forums in case there's an issue. My username there is the same as my Origin ID: 83bienchen.
Will your mods be available at Curseforge/Overwatch?
I have no plans to make them available at Curseforge/Overwatch for the time beeing. One reason is my lack of time, but I also find the system not quite as intriguing as it sounded at first. Also, when I was still interested in moving my mods there, it was not yet possible to apply and now I'm no longer ready to do the move.
Are all of your mods compatible with each other?
I actually always make sure that they are.
That is, except to my nofestivalnotification and my nofestivalnotificationsound mod. In that case, you will have to decide whether you simply want to get rid of the sound or of the notifications as a whole.
Also, mods that have more than one version are of course not compatible with each other. You will have to choose the version you prefer - though it will not break your game if you accidentally put in more than one version of a mod at the same time.
Are your mods free to download?
All of my mods are and shall forever remain free. There's also no way to make a donation. If you should really feel the urge to show your gratefulness, there's the gift option on Origin, though, which some of you have alredy used to buy me a kit or pack. The gift option also notifies you if I do already own the pack you intend to buy as a gift before payment is made.
While I am deeply flattered by your admiration, rest assured that I do not expect anything. I would have the means to buy every Kit and Pack, I just don't think that some of them are worth the price tag EA set for them and I don't want to support them in their endeavor to replace Stuff Packs with Kits. As you might have guessed, I'm a person who enjoys gameplay more that some pretty stuff to merely stare at.