Sims 4 Me - Bienchens Mods
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2024-02-10 preview image

Reduces the number of fox visits for the fox challenge.

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2023-08-19 preview image

Sims will no longer autonmously brush their cow or lama unless they are actually dirty.

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2023-08-19 preview image

Reduces the number of walkbys in the following worlds:
Henford-on-Bagley: rural area and woods
Windenbourg: rural area and island

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2023-08-08 preview image

Makes caring for livestock easier. Can also be combined with my lessautonomousclean_cowlama mod.
lessdirtyanimals - Livestock will get dirty less fast.
fastercleanshed - Cleaning the cow/lama shed is faster.
fasterrefillshedfeed - Filling the shed feed is faster.
lessdirtysheds - Sheds will not get dirty as fast when the cow/lama stays inside.
lesshungryanimals - Livestock will be less hungry.

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2023-08-04 preview image

Disables the green cloud effects evapouring from dirty chicken.

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2022-06-15 preview image

More competitors will participate in the Finchwick village fair.

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2021-09-08 preview image

Cottage animals will live longer with this mod.

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2021-08-13 preview image

Reduces the text spam while playing in Henford-on-Bagley.

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2021-08-12 preview image

Canned goods will fill your Sims hunger need better

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2021-08-11 preview image

Rabbits and chickens will no longer kill Sims when they attack.

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2021-08-09 preview image

Stops rabbits from aging.

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2021-07-29 preview image

Cows, lamas and chickens can now be bought on every lot.

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2021-07-29 preview image

Disables aging for foxes.

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