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2024-04-14 preview image

Reduces the dull and ever repeating text messages on your pinboard received after helping someone fix a bad relationships.

Parenthood download
2024-04-14 preview image

Batch Parties will not end automatically befor 24 hours and can be held at more venues.

My Wedding Stories download
2024-04-14 preview image

Sims with at least level 3 in parenting can examine and cure sick Sims (teen and older).

Parenthood download
2024-04-14 preview image

Sims will slow dance longer. Moreover, failure outcomes (kiss, drop) will no longer occur completely random so they do make more sense.

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2024-02-10 preview image

All Sims can enjoy coffin wohoo with this mod.

Vampires download
2024-01-21 preview image

Hiking in Granite Falls will increase herbalism skill.

Outdoor Retreat download
2023-12-31 preview image

Adds more quick meal options to coolers.

Outdoor Retreat download
2023-12-08 preview image

Sims can get married at more venues again.

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2023-12-06 preview image

When your Sims are standing in front of the sink* in the morning, they might notice something odd: pimples! Teenagers (and on rare occasions older Sims as well) can get pimples with this mod. They are assigned a hidden moodlet which will last for a maximum of 24 hours. The time can be reduced if you do anti-stress activities (like yoga, shower). Sims will get pimples randomly, and based on their traits they will either be less ore more prone to get pimples. Some Sims might even suffer from severe acne, while Sims with the reward trait "great kisser" will never get acne, so buy this reward trait if you want to spare some Sims.
Also based on their traits (and some randomness), Sims will get a 2 hour lasting embarrassed moodlet when they notice the pimples. Other Sims will not be affected by pimples that much.
Your Sims can get rid of their pimples by taking medicine, herbal remedies (deodorant) or a cup of green tea resp. Lemon Honey Ginger tea. Their parents might also chose to share detoxation secrets with them or help them to relax (the latter interaction will only remove the embarassed moodlet, though). Gussy up at the mirror might also help if your Sim is lucky.
Sims who are relaxed and well kept will not get pimples. So share relaxing techniques will also help your Sims to provide for not getting pimples.
*I linked the moodlets of this mod to the wash hands interaction, so this mod will be incompatible with "nowashhands"-mods. It will also not work if you are cheating to keep your Sims´ motives permanently high.

Parenthood download
2023-10-03 preview image

Tweaks the new social interactions:
weddingpartythrowout - moved to mean socials
congratulate - Sims will no longer congratulate their partner to their own wedding/engagement
askforweddingroles - moved the aks to become officiant/flower pal/… interactions to friedly and added a distinctive thumbnail.
expressdoubts - added more negative outcomes
misc - Various other new interactions will no longer clog the pie menu, some got new thumbnails, interactions will no longer be available on Sims you don't have met.

My Wedding Stories download
2023-08-13 preview image

-NPCs with the childoftheocean trait will no longer order fish at restaurants
-NPCs will autonomously order all kinds of food at a restaurant, thus renders the following of my mods obsolete: restauranticefix, restaurantbakefix and restaurantkomorebimealsfix.

Dine Out download
2023-08-10 preview image

The walk aisle goal will no also complete if your Sim walks the aisle togehter with another Sim.

My Wedding Stories download
2023-06-05 preview image

Sims will react less bored to weddings.

My Wedding Stories download
2023-04-15 preview image

Less waking around in restaurants.

Dine Out download
2023-03-26 preview image

Enables the spar with interaction for Sims outside the military career.

Stranger Ville download
2023-03-26 preview image

With this mod, every Sim who is aged teen or older will have the self interaction to nap on any ground available.

Werewolves download
2022-11-27 preview image

With this mod, you will only see Sims in their wolfform in Moodwood Mills during full moon.

Werewolves download
2022-08-06 preview image

Enables drawing on placemats outside of restaurants. DineOut is requred and your Sim will have to sit down first before the interaction becomes available.

Dine Out download
2022-07-18 preview image

Minestrone requires level 5 of parenting skill and cures your Sims from illness or pimples.
Required: Dine Out and Parenthood.

Parenthood download
2022-06-22 preview image

Disables the visible fury glow effect.

Werewolves download
2022-06-15 preview image

Your Sims will automatically wear formal wear at wedding and pre wedding partys. For family gathering, there's also an alternate version available where they'll choose party wear. Bach parties remain untouched as they are already set to the appropriate party wear.

My Wedding Stories download
2022-04-02 preview image

Sims will be able to call off weddings until the wedding kiss. Just click on the partner of your Sim during the get married interaction.

My Wedding Stories download
2022-04-01 preview image

The spousal kiss interaction will fail less and if so then due to appropriate moods/traits.

My Wedding Stories download
2021-10-10 preview image

Camp fires will be less likely to nearby objects or Sims.

Outdoor Retreat download
2021-09-16 preview image

Fixes the bug that childhood phases are not ended, but the trait persists until aging up to yound adult.

Parenthood download
2021-08-23 preview image

Modifies the guests that dine at a restaurant. You will now see groups of teens and parents with their grown up offspring dining together. There will be less celebrities.

Dine Out download
2021-08-09 preview image

Adds more meals choices to cauldrons.

Realm of Magic download
2021-08-08 preview image

Sims can buy antidotes, the flower of death, the waterfall in a bottle and all the other useful jungle adventure stuff via the drop down menu where they can also buy tents, lamps and other stuff for camping.

Jungle Adventure download
2021-08-05 preview image

Search the Strangerville Archive in the information centre to immediatly get rid of the neighbourhood effects in Strangerville (infected people, plants) without having to solve the mystery.

Stranger Ville download
2021-08-03 preview image

Adds a chance that children and teens will get teeth gaps, missing teeth or bracelets for a while.

Parenthood download
2021-07-24 preview image

The vampire cure will now properly cure your vampires so they revert to quite normal Sims even if they had fulfilled a vampire aspiration before seeking cure.

Vampires download
2021-07-18 preview image

Contains two mods. The 'morelikes'-package will let your Sims discover less dislikes during gigs. The 'morepunishment'-package will increase the list of interactions that can result in gig cancellation due to inappropriate behaviour.

Dream Home Decorator download
2021-07-06 preview image

Let's you drop and drag fish and prepared food into coolers. The cooler will keep them fresh for longer. Don't us the eat interaction while the food is still in the cooler. Drag it out first before you let your Sims consume the food.

Outdoor Retreat download
2021-03-30 preview image

Employes will actually be able to reach the higher satisfaction levels with this mod if you take good care of them.

Dine Out download
2021-01-24 preview image

Sims with the paranoia trait will no longer get tens when their pets or close friends interact with in other in their presence.

Stranger Ville download
2021-01-17 preview image

Reduces the +50 embarrassed moodlet for teen mood swings to +5, so your Sims won't die from beeing a teenager.
Note: If you use my pimplesmod, don't install this mod because this feature is already included in my pimplesmod.

Parenthood download
2020-12-10 preview image

Spellcaster will no longer set objects on fire while in a group with the group activity for casting spells.

Realm of Magic download
2020-11-14 preview image

Viewing insects will give a small increase in herbalism skill.

Outdoor Retreat download
2020-11-11 preview image

All neighbourhoods except Forgotten Hollow will no longer be crowded with vampires at night.

Vampires download
2020-10-15 preview image

Sims will not get constantly confident when with their familiar. There is a second version of this mod which will turn the moodlet into a happy moodlet. Only install one version.

Realm of Magic download
2020-03-04 preview image

Kids in the clingy childhood phase will not get stressed from being near brothers, sisters, grandparents or close friends.

Parenthood download
2018-11-24 preview image

Disables the visual personal raincloud that derives from some curses.

Jungle Adventure download
2018-07-20 preview image

There will be no visible sun over your Sim's head when he/she has been blessed in the jungle.

Jungle Adventure download