Sims 4 Me - Bienchens Mods
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2024-04-29 preview image

Smothens the infant care interactions.
lesscheckoninfants - Sims will react better to their baby and will not check on them quite as often (they will still do so, though). The same also applies to newborns.
needs - less diaper blows, high chair foods will raise hunger more, infants will need less sleep once they have certain milestones
milestones - accelarates especially the crawl and pull up to stand milestone.
socials - fixes some oversights with some infant-related social interactions beetween older Sims and also adds speech bubbles for those.

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2024-02-25 preview image

Makes burnouts less of a nuisance.

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2023-07-02 preview image

Restricts some of the confidence buffs ("I believe in me" and the top notch infant one) to their proper age groups and also shortens part of them a bit.

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2023-07-02 preview image

Disables the teeth loss feature from Growing Together.

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