Sims 4 Me - Bienchens Mods
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2024-06-22 preview image

A simple package mod that stops food of excellent quality from sparkling.

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2024-02-10 preview image

Stops Sims from making the wrong food choices (e.g. batter, dough) when grabbing leftovers from the fridge.

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2024-02-10 preview image

Two small mods that will let your toddlers and Sims in restaurants finish their meals properly.

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2024-02-10 preview image

Adds new menues to banquet tables (including the festival banquet tables): Brunch, Gourmet, Spooky and Vegetarian.

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2024-02-10 preview image

Your Sims don’t have to stay at home to eat proper food anymore, as this mod offers better food quality at restaurants, market stalls, the spice festival, coffee shops, bars, banquet table and venue fridges.

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2024-01-21 preview image

Sims will be less prone to showing off their cooking tricks with this mod. I could not completely disable tricks as the animations become extremely repetitive with them disabled.

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2023-10-01 preview image

Tunes down the passive cooking interactions and thus makes cooking and baking faster.

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2023-09-24 preview image

This mods tweaks the number of consumption turns that are needed to finish a food dish or drink. Your Sim will take their time when eating grand meals or experimental food dishes, while some other foods will take less time to finish.
I recommend to use this with the following mods as those dishes are not included in this mod:
moregrandmeals (Seasons), betterbread (Food Related Mods)
The file "lesseatingidles" reduces the idle animations and time in between the consumption turns.

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2023-09-10 preview image

Makes more food dishes count towards the healthy lifestyle. Requires Snowy Escape.

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2023-08-10 preview image

Ice cream will be decorated (garnish/topping) by default. Especially useful for restaurants.

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2023-07-29 preview image

A tiny mod that increases the calories your Sim has to eat to gain weight.
Choose version 2 for a more subtle effect.

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2023-04-07 preview image

With this mod, Sims that aren't gluttons will stop eating as soon as they are fed up - just like it was in the Sims 2. I recommend to use the grandmeal module in combination with my moregrandmeals_tradionstweak. Otherwise, your Sims will not fulfill the grand meal tradition when they don't finish their plates.

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2023-03-14 preview image

The brainfreeze and dislike food animations will happen less often.

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2022-10-03 preview image

Sims will no longer poke their ear while preparing food.

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2022-10-03 preview image

Oden will now be safe for vegetarian Sims to eat.

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2022-10-02 preview image

Adds more choices for premade foods to friges (pretzel, peanut butter jelly sandwich, meat and cheese platter, ...). Sims will no longer autonomously buy snacks during work at the Get to Work career lots.
Addon as a separate package: Flat fee for EA snacks as well.
With version 2: all quick meals are for free.
With version 3: specifically designed for the Cottage Living EP - your Sims will need fresh ingredients for most snacks, for the others they will be charged a fee.

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2022-10-01 preview image

Adds more cakes, bagels and stuff to order at café venues.

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2022-01-23 preview image

Sweet pies will now properly count as cakes.

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2021-08-07 preview image

Sims will prefere dining tables above bars or desks when consuming something.

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2021-07-24 preview image

Replaces some of the high chair meals with more healthy/toddler friendly food dishes. Choose whatever you like to replace:
cereal > oatmeal
chips > fruitsalad
crackers > trout meuniere
ham & cheese sandwich > poke bowl (IslandLiving required)
peanut butter sandwich > veggie hummus sandwich (Parenthood required)
peas > mushy peas (DiscoverUniversity required)

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2021-07-24 preview image

Adds more foods to order at bars on community lots.

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2021-07-20 preview image

Bread sticks, bread and bagels will now actually fill your sims hunger bar.

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2021-06-26 preview image

A small mod that lets you drag the Spooky Candy Bowl into your Sim's inventory.
Note: The bowl will count as Custom Content as long as you have this mod installed.

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2021-04-09 preview image

Sims will no longer have to cancel or finish their own meal before they will perform a queued call-to-meal-interaction.

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2021-04-03 preview image

Coffee and tea stay fresh longer.

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2020-11-03 preview image

The show fridge inventory interaction "open" will always show on the first page of the pie menu with this mod.

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