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2024-04-14 preview image

Paired dancing at high school will now properly count as dancing with regard to skills, likes and dislikes,...
Now unlocked for the older ages as well.

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2023-10-29 preview image

With this mod, adults can also clean their faces, which will give them a small hygiene boost.
You can also get rid of acne struck on your Sims faces when aging up from teenager from young adult by using the interaction.

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2023-04-23 preview image

5 small mods that tweak the high school graduation event. Mix and match as you please.

shoefix: All NPC graduates will wear neutral black shoes to the event.
blackrobes: All NPC graduates will wear black robes and hats.
outfitfix: Other NPC-Sims than graduates will wear their regular formal attire to the event instead of some randomly generated outfits.
noaging: The game will not age up graduates to young adults. There are two versions of the outfitfix part. If you install
outfitfix_allformal, all Sims will wear their formal wear and you obviously won't need to install the shoefix and blackrobes modules.
valedictorian speech fix: Makes the practise valedictorian speech option at the mirror distinguishable from practising charisma even if your Sim is socially akward or confident.

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2022-10-01 preview image

The pier attactions will no longer be available for free with this mod.

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2022-10-01 preview image

Removes the white outline from the High School whiteboard.

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2022-08-14 preview image

Prom will take 6 hours instead of 4.

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