Sims 4 Me - Bienchens Mods
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2023-11-04 preview image

I have been working on this save file pretty much since the release of the Sims 4.

-all builds in this save are 1-story as that is the way I play
-there is a massive number of different Community Lots, I tried to use all Gameplay objects as much as possible
-Townies like maid, nanny, fire fighter, etc. are included and made over
-all townies were given proper Summer and Winter wear
-Sulani townies have been redone to stand out from the crowd less when appearing in other worlds
-all lots have an added thermostat (as long as it made sense to have one)
-all worlds are redone, though there are a few lots I left blank on purpose and I did not rebuild everything from scratch. Some lots have just been upgraded (and downsized, see above)
-all Career Lots have been redone
-I also added a bunch of my own played Sims, these do have skills and most of them also jobs
-Johnny's relationship to the Landgraabs has been fixed
-no CustomContent was used, but I do have almost all Packs and quite a few kits as well and did use those
-neighborhood stories are disabled
-no active NAPs
-some of the Sims do have sexual preferences assigned
-the Strangerville mystery is solved
-there are no Vampires, Aliens and Spellcasters as I don't like them, for that reason, the Realm of Magic is not redone
-most Community Lots are child/toddler and pet friendly
-I have made my own clubs as I didn't like the existing ones and the game willl generate new ones if you don't create enough
-holidays have been adjusted
-the focus of the save is on being Gameplay friendly, not on visuals, I'm certainly not an amazing builder

Please keep in mind that I'm a German Simmer, so I did my best to delete all German texts you might find. I did not write stories for the Sims in English, though.

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