Sims 4 Me - Bienchens Mods
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2023-12-02 preview image

With this mod, dust will only appear when you have a wasching mashine on the lot. Also, it will only happen on residential lots and rentables.

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2023-07-02 preview image

Reduces the amount of laundry piles Sims produce when changing their clothes.

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2022-10-01 preview image

Disables Dims from beeing able to put dirty clothes in the dryer and on the clothes line.

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2021-10-03 preview image

Washers and dryers will be less prone to breaking.

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2021-10-02 preview image

Fixes a bug that makes it impossible to do laundry because the washer wrongly assumes it is already clean.

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2021-01-17 preview image

Tunes down some of the laundy buffs as well as the disturbing solo idle animations.
Version 2 disables the laundry buffs and solo idles completely.

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2020-10-10 preview image

Washing laundry in a wash tub will take less time with this mod.

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2020-06-05 preview image

Laundry on the clothesline will dry faster with this mod.

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