Sims 4 Me - Bienchens Mods
Info: new and different
New hoster, new site, new look, new features.
So once again we have to get used to things. But let's remember the great words of a wise old man: "New is always better!"(2011, Barney Stinson)
  • The upper categories of the mods can also be selected. Anyone who wants to see all the mods at once is now welcome to do so.
  • The search now works a little differently. The whole text (including the mod descriptions) is searched live for the search word.
  • The mod descriptions are hidden behind the mod name and can be folded out and in.
  • The table can be sorted by date, modname and category by clicking on the table header.
  • A mod can be downloaded by clicking on the download symbol in the last column of the table.

- seebee