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Update 2024/01/27
Hi there,

as I finally got For Rent, today's update as well as the update from last weekend do actually deal with some of the minor issues that pack came with (unfortunatly not the major ones, as those are not fixable with simple tuning mods).

Apart from the new mods, an honorable mention goes to my traitoverhaul mod. The For Rent part of that mod deals with the issue of nosy Sims placing their binoculars almost in other Sims faces while doing the spy interactions and with Tomarang cultural trait giving their owners negative moodlets even if the do partake in cultural acitvities.

A lovely weekend to all of you

Important For Rent Update Info
I'm so sorry to inform you, folks, that I'm not gonna update my mods for the upcoming For Rent EP anytime soon. I'll do my best to at least offer some crucial updates during December, but I can't promise anything.

Reasons are:
- I'm not even gonna buy the pack next week, if at all. Doing updates for packs you don't own is a hassle and for some part even impossible.
- I'm working full-time in a judicial branch that has an insane workload in December. On top of that, I'm on on-call service during release week and have to attend a professional training the week after.
- As a mother of three (two of them also having their birthday in December), I'm not in a position to commit to modding in Chistmas month December.

Thanks for your understanding.

You're encouraged to post on this thread if you find something wrong with a specific mod of mine:

That helps me to faster find the most important issues in the small time frame I can spare to mod. Thanks in advance.

Update 2023/10/21
With todays update, I also removed two mods that have become obsolete since the latest patch:

plopsyshipfix obsolete
Hi folks,

I deleted the mod plopsyshipfix today as it is no longer needed.
Obsolete/Removed Mods 29th July 2023
Hi there,

I just wanted to inform you that shorterdogwalks has been removed because it has become obsolete as of now. Please delete it from your mods folder.

Also, sellgrownuppets has been removed as it seems to be broken beyond repair after the release of Horse Ranch.

As for mod updates, make sure you sort all mods by date to see which ones got an update.

Have a great weekend!
Update 15 April 2023
There's a new update with two new mods for Growing Together.

Just a quick note: As you will now always see the latest updated mods showing up on top of the list when you click on "All Mods +", there will not be an update post for most updates.

Please delete the mod nobabyeyeglow if you have it as it has become obsolete with the newborn update.
Info: new standard sorting order
The default sort order has been changed. From now on, the most recently updated mods are at the top of the table overview.

- seebee
Info: new and different
New hoster, new site, new look, new features.
So once again we have to get used to things. But let's remember the great words of a wise old man: "New is always better!"(2011, Barney Stinson)
  • The upper categories of the mods can also be selected. Anyone who wants to see all the mods at once is now welcome to do so.
  • The search now works a little differently. The whole text (including the mod descriptions) is searched live for the search word.
  • The mod descriptions are hidden behind the mod name and can be folded out and in.
  • The table can be sorted by date, modname and category by clicking on the table header.
  • A mod can be downloaded by clicking on the download symbol in the last column of the table.

- seebee